Look Forward to Slipping into a Spandex Bikini

Look Forward to Slipping into a Spandex Bikini

If you are a pretty social guy, with summer just around the corner, you might be looking forward to purchase at least one spandex bikini. After all, a guy can never have too many bikinis to play with during really warm weather. In addition, you also want to be sure that your body is in the best of shape for when you debut your brand new bikini, especially if it is created from spandex. That makes two things that you need to get started on now before summer actually makes it to wherever you live. You will definitely want to be prepared in these two areas well in advance. It may be a bit challenging to decide where to start first, but it really isn’t.

First of all, you need to assess the shape of your body before buying a new spandex bikini. It is perfectly normal to put on a few extra pounds during colder weather, so you do not need to feel bad about it. Rather than worry about it, this is the time to get proactive in getting your body into bikini shape. Obviously, the best way to avoid a binge workout program and revised diet is to continue the healthy lifestyle year round. But, again, it is totally normal to slip now and then, especially with the winter holidays. There seems to be a lot of overeating at that time of year. But once you start heading into the warmer months, it is time to fix whatever flaws your body has gained.

When you are on your way to looking hot and sexy in a spandex bikini, it is time to actually take some time going over your swimwear collection. If you are already wearing spandex swimwear, you will probably have quite a number of swimsuits left from the season before that are still great designs. But a guy deserves some new swimwear, right? You owe it to yourself to have at least one bikini made from spandex that is brand new. Then you can start to look forward to showing off that new bikini on your favorite beach.

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Spandex bikinis, cock rings and cages

I love wearing spandex bikinis and along with thongs are my favorite swimsuit styles. There are few things that look as good on a man’s body as a spandex bikini. Skin tight and form fitting they show a lot of skin and some of the more extreme styles show a lot of equipment at least the outline of the equipment. You might be surprised to know that many men enjoy showing their bulge or lack of it wearing bikinis. Most men do not want to show a huge bulge and I’m one of them. I’m on the very small side when it comes to penis size and yet I love the way it looks in a tiny bikini as does my wife. There are times though when showing off a large bulge is a great option. If you are well hung it is your only option unless you opt for a male to female transformation design swimsuit, the most amazing of those styles are at Koalaswim. Men that are small, even extremely small all the way up to normal penis size have many options. Cock rings are among the best options. A well fitted cock ring will enlarge your penis and keep it that way. Many of the wider styles will push the balls and shaft away from the body making it look that much bigger. For men that are extremely small wearing a male chastity cock cage will fill the pouch of any spandex bikini style. No one will know you are wearing one and your pouch will look nice and large. Great styles of cock cages and cock rings can be found at the Male Chastity Store.


The Amazing Spandex Bikini I Saw


I saw a spandex bikini the other day that blew my mind completely. I have been wearing bikinis for a while now, but I had never seen that design in my searches. It was the most amazing piece of clothing I had ever witnessed before and I went home immediately to try to find it online. I thought about asking the guy wearing it where he had bought it, but I was too excited over what I had seen. I wished I would have thought about talking to that guy now, though, as I can’t seem to find it anywhere, and trust me I have looked for it.

I spent the first four hours looking for that spandex bikini as soon as I got home but I started to realize that I was forgetting what it had actually looked like. I had seen so many different designs that all looked close enough to it that they were blending in with the memory I had of the one I was seeking. After that realization, I decided to give myself a rest and took up the hunt again the next day. Well, needless to say it has been four days now and I still have not seen one that looks like the one that guy was wearing.

I may have looked at that spandex bikini design a thousand times and didn’t think it was the same one though and that thought is killing me. I guess I could just buy something that I like and hope for the best by now. I am sure that I will be happy with whatever I get, but there is something deep inside that tells me I still need to look for that one particular design no matter what. I guess I will keep looking but if I do not find it soon I am just going to buy one that I like the looks of and, hopefully, I will see that guy walking around on the beach again, if I can only remember what his face looked like.

Are You Ready to Wear a Spandex Bikini?


When it comes to wearing a spandex bikini, men need to ask themselves if they are ready to appear in public donned in one of these. You should never ever just assume that you are going to look great in any type of bikini before you hit the beach wearing one. Granted, spandex is a fabric that can help conceal quite a few flaws but it totally depends on what sort of flaws your body might have. Sadly, there are men who feel that they are ready to appear in public wearing a bikini of any type when they have not done a single thing to make their bodies look at least decent.

It is a valid question to ask of men who want to wear a spandex bikini why they simply refuse to do some work on their bodies before heading out to the public beach or a resort swimming pool. Surely, these men are not all slow witted enough to believe that people actually want to see a body that is so out of shape that there is flab bouncing all over the place. At least do a few sit-ups and cut out sweets from your diet for a little while before you put on a swimsuit of any kind. On the other hand, if you do not wish to take care of your body; there are always other types of swimsuits such as boxers that might help you at least be presentable.

The best way to tell if you are ready to wear a spandex bikini in public is to stand in front of a full length mirror wearing only underwear or nothing at all. If you can stand to look at what you see, but you are not quite sure; it is time to bring in a friend who you know will be brutally honest with you about how you will look in a bikini of any kind. If that person finds things that need to be fixed before you go anywhere showing off your body, it is time to take some affirmative action. Then you will be ready to wear any type of bikini.


Is it Time to Replace Your Spandex Bikini?


Two years ago, you tried on a spandex bikini at the mall and fell in love with the shape of it and the way it perfectly wrapped around your body. Today, the same bikini just does not hold the same appeal. When you look in the mirror, the fabric does not hug your body the way it used to. You have lost a pound or two in the past couple of years and the waistband drapes off of you.

There is nothing wrong with you or the spandex bikini. Spandex losing its elasticity is a perfectly normal process. Over time, the spandex becomes looser on its own. This process is expedited by continual wearing and washing of the fabric. Not only does the material loosen, but spandex has a way of locking in odor over time, after repeated exposure. If you sweat a great deal in your spandex bikini, then there is a high chance of trapping that odor within the material, even after repeated washings. Hand washing your spandex items can help them last longer.

When your old spandex bikini falls flat; don’t despair! Now is the time to buy another one. If you were a big fan of your old spandex bikini, then you can likely find a close replicant of the first. If you were getting a little tired of the color or patterns, then now is your chance to update! Get rid of that old spandex bikini and try on a new color or size! There are so many options out there, especially now that even designers are getting in on the action. Your old spandex bikini was also two years ago. Now, you can get a spandex bikini from one of the finest designers in the world. Modern fashion has been embracing swimwear and even spandex, so there is a much more unique and well-stitched selection out there today. The best feature to these are that they are not even that expensive!

He Wore an Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, Sexy, Tight Spandex Bikini!




Have you ever seen a good spandex bikini? I am not talking about a run-of-the-mill black and blue bikini like the swimmers wear. I mean a tight, bright, super sexy bikini created from spandex that is well-fitted and full of style. Not every man dresses his body as well as he could, especially at the beach. Do not let yourself show up in front of all of those hunky swimmers, looking like a dud. You can pick a bikini made of spandex that reflects your fun and vibrant personality, as well as one that perfectly accentuates that magnificent cock of yours. It will make you look like a real stud in front of all of your peers. For men who have too much modesty for micro swimsuits, but lack enough modesty to hide themselves behind a pair of swim shorts, a spandex bikini is the ideal fit!

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Just imagine going to the beach and, for the first time, you have worn a daring spandex bikini. You checked yourself in the mirror before you left home and felt fairly confident that your look was a good one. As soon as your feet hit the sand, you maybe second guess yourself a little. The doubt of your sexiness does not last long as you draw the attention of the muscular surfer dudes. You are receiving much more attention since you upgraded to this wonderful new swimsuit style.


A spandex bikini has the ability to make you look and feel confident, and confidence by itself can be a huge turn on for a lot of guys. Spandex bikinis can come in all sorts of different colors and patterns to match the type of mood you want to project to others. You could buy a rainbow collection of spandex bikinis so you have a new one for each mood you feel! A tiny, tight bikini that has been created from spandex can make you the life of the party!


How Do You Know if a Spandex Bikini is Right for You?


What is so special about a spandex bikini? The best time of the year for many men who love to flex outdoors and show off their pecs is Summer time! A bikini made from spandex goes with Summer like margaritas and good music. Any male out there who loves to splash, play, and have a good time deserves a swimsuit to match his fun-loving attitude. Swim trunks can be cute in a practical, boyish way, but the grown man needs a more mature piece of swimming attire. Adults with a sense of adventure find their best fit to be in a more revealing piece of swimwear. These are the kind of men who need a spandex bikini.


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There are so many advantages to spandex bikinis that go unacknowledged by the general public. Spandex is, truthfully, not a material that breathes; however, spandex does look great on the right guys. Spandex on its own is pretty tight and does a great job of emphasizing all the right parts of the lower male body, but when spandex is soaking wet; it looks even better as it shrinks to conform even more tightly around those intimate areas. A spandex bikini does this better than any other swimsuit on the market. These types of men’s bikinis also allow the wearer to enjoy a more thorough tan when lying out in the sun. For men who enjoy a tan skin tone, a bikini made of spandex is certainly a better choice than a pair of swim trunks.

The spandex bikini is also great for men who enjoy the feel of the water on their thighs. Swim shorts get wet too, but with the bikini there is less fabric around the thighs to interfere with the feel of the water. Without the soggy fabric of swim trunks around the thighs, it is also easier to move around and spread your legs. If you really want to know if spandex bikinis are right for you, ask yourself, “Do I like fun, sexy tans, and looking good for attractive men on the beach?” If you answer yes to these questions, then a spandex bikini is perfect for you!

Start with a Spandex Bikini


A lot of men are sketchy about going out to a public swimming spot wearing a small swim suit. The men’s spandex bikini comes under this heading and are, therefore, passed by many times. Men who are accustomed to covering more of their bodies rarely choose anything smaller than a brief swimsuit. They typically select something like cut offs, boxer styles, or board shorts. While these may seem a bit boring for the most part, they are what many men, particularly older men, find to be more comfortable. These guys do not understand that their bodies can be maintained to a decent enough level where they can wear smaller swim suits. A senior man can still have a decent body if he has been taking care of himself. A bit of a regular workout regimen and healthy eating should do the trick.

On the other hand, if you simply cannot bring yourself to wear a micro bikini or thong, you can always begin your journey on fitting in smaller swim suits with a spandex bikini. While the style is a bikini and is smaller than you may have been comfortable in the past, the spandex will make it mold to your current body. This will make you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all, which should give you a measure of comfort. If you feel as if you are nude, you will forget that you are wearing a bikini made of spandex. Instead, you will feel as if you are running free in the water and on the sand if you are at the beach.

When you start out wearing a spandex bikini, no matter what age you are, it will be so much easier to move onto even smaller swim suits. Obviously, it will be faster for some men than others, but the point is that you are at least trying. You are getting off to great start with the bikini, although you will want to take care of your body so that it is at least in decent shape when you appear at your favorite swimming spot wearing your bikini.


Are You Ready for a Spandex Bikini


Lots of men already wear a spandex bikini when they go to their favorite place to swim and/or tan. Still others have not been formally introduced to the bikini so they continue to wear such swim suits as boxers, trunks, or surfer shorts. The men who have chosen bikinis to wear as their swim suits have no clue why any man would choose to wear anything else. After all, spandex is a very flexible and versatile fabric and is the perfect one to create bikinis. Athletic wear has been using spandex for years. Somewhere along the way, someone figured out just how perfect this material would be for swim suits.

When the value of this fabric became obvious, designs for a spandex bikini began popping up all over the place. Men who had already crossed the line from ordinary swim suits into wearing bikinis were highly intrigued by these new bikinis made from material that was almost magical. Spandex fits to your body like a glove, almost like you are not wearing anything at all. Actually, that is something that is said about spandex quite often. These bikinis work perfectly for men who prefer to swim in the nude because they can wear the spandex swim suits and feel as if they are, indeed, wearing nothing at all. Once these swim suits were discovered, they became very much in demand.

A spandex bikini became the top swim suit for men after it was tried often enough. Guys with sexy, beach bodies wasted no time in getting familiar with these new bikinis. Once the male population realized exactly what these bikinis could offer them, shops could not seem to keep these particular items in stock. They were always selling out quickly. The one thing that might keep men from wearing these bikinis is their physical shape. Before you go out in public in a bikini made from spandex, be sure that you look awesome in it. Check your look from each angle in the mirror and maybe consider taking along a trusted friend who will tell you the truth about whether or not you are ready for this type of swimwear. Then go out to the beach and have some fun!

I am Addicted to my Spandex Bikini


There is nothing I enjoy more than wearing my spandex bikini out in public but there are times when that just isn’t possible. I would love to have a job where I could wear something like this all the time and not worry about buying any other clothes but that probably isn’t ever going to happen. I know that if I was to walk into the office wearing something like this and nothing else would probably find myself without an income. Of course that hasn’t stopped me from wearing my bikinis under my pants while I’m working. You see, where there is a will there will be a way and I have found the perfect way of wearing my spandex.

Not every guy out there wearing a spandex bikini will fall in love with them the way I have though. There are plenty of guys that will only wear them to the beach on the weekends and not think about them the rest of the time. I am not one of those guys though. I have to have my spandex on at all times even if it means that I won’t be able to show them off to anyone. I would much rather have the opportunity to show them especially when I spend so much time looking for new designs online.

This is one of those things that you will have to worry about when you first start wearing a spandex bikini. You may think that you are able to get by with only wearing it on occasion but they will suck you in and the next thing you know you will want to wear them all the time. It isn’t really all that bad though since they are really comfortable and I always have an excuse to jump in a pool when I am over at a friend’s house. You have to find the good in something like this when you become addicted to spandex and I haven’t found anything bad about them yet.