Wearing a Spandex Bikini is Crazy Like a Fox


I saw a guy wearing a spandex bikini on the beach last summer and I couldn’t understand why. Now, I could understand a woman wearing a bikini like that and being sexy, but a man wearing one? I just couldn’t wrap my mind around why a guy would want to wear something that shows off that much of his body. It bothered me so much that I decided to start looking around online to see if other guys were wearing bikinis, too, or if it was just this one nut job trying to make people feel uncomfortable. As it turned out, there are quite a few nut jobs wearing bikinis made from spandex. So many of them that it got me interested to know why.

So I started looking for a spandex bikini that I could try out for myself. I figured there must be a reason why all these guys were crazy enough to wear something like this in the first place and I had to know what that reason was. I figured that if I didn’t feel that way about it, then no one would ever have to know that I purchased one and I could just go on with my life as normal. Too bad that didn’t happen.

The second I slipped my men’s spandex bikini on I knew that I would never wear any other design again. I was hooked the second my fingers left the waist band and it formed into place. That is when I realized that all those guys knew what they were doing and I was going to follow in their footsteps. I have been wearing my bikini ever since then and I keep trying to find places that I can wear it to and show it off. I know it’s funny, but I really can’t imagine myself wearing any other type of swimwear ever again.



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