My Spandex Bikini and Positive Attention


I have been wearing a new spandex bikini to the beach the last few days and I have to say that I think people like it. Everyone I see smiles at me and winks. I’m not quite sure if it is just the sun getting in their eyes or if they really do like my bikini, but I am hoping for the latter. I want people to enjoy seeing me walking around in my bikini, especially when you consider the amount of time I have put into making my body look as great as possible.

I don’t understand why some guys would want to wear a men’s spandex bikini without working out a little bit. Seeing something this sexy on man flab just doesn’t do anything for me. Obviously, it doesn’t do anything for anyone else either. Not that I am trying to tell others what they can or cannot wear in public. I think it’s great that any guy can wear something like this if they truly want to, but at least have the decency to look good in it. I guess I shouldn’t harp on things like this, but it is one of my pet peeves. It just makes me wonder why they even bought something of this nature to wear in the first place.


I have spent a lot of time making sure that, when I walk onto that beach in my spandex bikinis, I will get all the positive attention I can handle. I want people to notice how sexy I am in my bikini and all the preparation that I put into that has to be perfect. However, now that I think about it, having those other guys walking around looking the way they do will go a long way towards making me look even sexier. I commend the men of staunch girth walking around in bikinis then, and hope that you will do so on the beaches that I frequent as often as you possibly can. Of course, it would be nice if the flab wasn’t too terribly noticeable.