Getting an Honest Opinion on Spandex Bikini


I have started seeing more guys wearing men’s spandex bikinis on the beach lately and it makes me wonder if this might be something that I could get into. I am not in the best of shape, but I don’t think I look all that bad. I know that I could use a good workout now and then to keep a few areas of my body nice and lean, but I think people are starting to accept the natural look in people these days. We don’t all have to look like body building supermodels or celebrities all the time, and I like that thought.

Of course putting myself into a spandex bikini might end up breaking that mold and force everyone to rethink that whole natural aspect of the human body. I would hate to be the reason that other guys ended up having to stop wearing their bikinis after all. I guess the only thing I can do is purchase one of them and try them on in my home. If I feel that I look good enough for the public eye, then I could probably try going to the beach and seeing if I get any negative reactions.

Although I would feel better about wearing a spandex bikini if I had someone I trusted see me in one before I go out in public. I would call one of my friends but I would never trust them to be honest with me about something like this. They wouldn’t understand why I wanted to wear a bikini in the first place and would make a big deal about how I looked in one so that I didn’t walk around on the beach with them. I will have to find someone that I can trust in order to truly see whether or not this is something I am going to be able to do. I will have to put some thought into just who that is going to be.