Feeling Great in that Spandex Bikini

  There is simply a quality that comes in a spandex bikini that makes the man who is wearing feel as if he is the sexiest beast on the planet. There might be plenty of reasons that it exudes this feeling but when it comes down to it; no one can point their finger right […]

I was wearing my spandex bikini on a cruise ship.

My boyfriend Jake talked me into going on a cruise this last summer to Mexico. This was my first time on a cruise ship and I was not that excited about going. We will be going with friends and I promise you will have a great time. I was not sure about it but then […]

The perfect swimsuit for men is the spandex bikini.

  The spandex bikini is the perfect swimsuit for men. There are so many benefits to wearing a hot little bikini. Great tan line, showing off some skin, great support, attention getting and lets you indulge your inner exhibitionist. There are so many spandex bikini styles to choose from. If this is your first men’s […]

Loving My Spandex Bikini

  Once I found out that guys were wearing spandex bikini designs in public, I immediately took to the internet to buy some for myself. I want to experience things in my life that others are experiencing and any way that I can do that is perfect for me. I love trying new things in […]

Looking Hot in a Spandex Bikini

  As a normal, hot blooded male; you most likely want to find that perfect swimsuit that will get you plenty of attention when you go to the beach or appear around a crowded swimming pool. The spandex bikini just might be exactly what you need to make you look as hot as any man […]