A Spandex Bikini Party

  There is little else that is as much fun as a spandex bikini party no matter what time of year it is. These gatherings are of all sizes from very intimate to huge enough to fill a backyard. Men started having these parties when the spandex craze took hold of the male swimwear fashion […]

Relaxing in a Spandex Bikini

    I just tried on my first ever spandex bikini and I have to admit that I do really like it so far. I have not gone out in public with it or anything to see what kind of reactions I might get. I have worn it, however, around the house and I have […]

Spandex Bikini Parties

  I have a spandex bikini that I specifically use for adult pool parties that I get invited to attend. I know there are some guys reading this and thinking that I do not get to wear them all that often then, but the truth is I wear them almost every weekend. I just happen […]