That Extra Special Spandex Bikini


Nearly all men who love swimwear almost always have a spandex bikini that they consider to be extra special. This bikini may not even be worn by the owners any longer but rather they have it wrapped carefully in tissue paper and stored in a very private and safe place. These bikinis hold memories that are so meaningful to these guys and that is why they may never wear them again but they cannot bear to get rid of them either. These memories may be something along the lines of being worn the first time they were noticed lustfully by a gorgeous being. Other memories may include their very special first time with the person that they fell in love with. For whatever reason, these are bikinis that mean something and will not be thrown away.

If you think about it, you will see that you also have an extra special spandex bikini in your life. You may not have worn it in years or even thought about it in forever until something happens that reminds you of the bikini. That is when you go to that private place and pull out the bikini so that you can relive the moment that this bikini brings back to you. It may be the time that you simply sit and hold it in your hands, feeling the spandex slide through your fingers as you think back to the special time that you were wearing it and what it all meant to you at the time.



There is certainly nothing wrong with holding onto mementos of those wonderful times in your life and this includes that special spandex bikini. Just because you are saving it does not mean that you have to tell anyone else about it, either. Everyone has secrets in their lives that they do not feel comfortable sharing with others. The memories attached to your bikini may be so personal that you will never tell anyone else about it and why you save it. Never feel bad about doing that. It is your life and you deserve to have your delightful secrets hidden away.