Showing off my Spandex Bikini


If you are not wearing a new spandex bikini, then you are missing out on some of the best times of your life. Now I am not saying that wearing something like this will change your life overnight, but it will make you look at how you live your life a little bit differently. Nothing in my life really changed all that much until I started realizing that these spandex items were the best thing ever. That is when I started looking at how I was living my life and realized that I could be doing a lot better in certain areas.

So the first thing I did was to take my spandex bikini down to the local beach and show it off to everyone there. I am not one of those guys that really shows off his body all that much but I felt like the world needed to see this bikini on me. Once I was there, I found a lot of other people that were interested in wearing bikinis like this. The thing is that they were scared of what everyone else would say about them. That is until they saw me walking around with my bikini and they realized that there are some things in life that you just have to get out there and try no matter what other people might think or say.

Now I am not the center of attention or anything like that, but when I am wearing my spandex bikini I sure do feel like everyone is paying attention to me. Even if I do not act like I am the center of the universe, there are times when I see people looking at me and smiling like I am. It kind of makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when they do that. Although there are some people that I run into that do not like what I am wearing and have no issues with coming right up to my face to let me know. I can respect that as I think it’s better than having someone laughing and pointing at you behind your back. Besides, if someone is angry at what you are wearing, they are probably just jealous.