How Do You Know if a Spandex Bikini is Right for You?


What is so special about a spandex bikini? The best time of the year for many men who love to flex outdoors and show off their pecs is Summer time! A bikini made from spandex goes with Summer like margaritas and good music. Any male out there who loves to splash, play, and have a good time deserves a swimsuit to match his fun-loving attitude. Swim trunks can be cute in a practical, boyish way, but the grown man needs a more mature piece of swimming attire. Adults with a sense of adventure find their best fit to be in a more revealing piece of swimwear. These are the kind of men who need a spandex bikini.


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There are so many advantages to spandex bikinis that go unacknowledged by the general public. Spandex is, truthfully, not a material that breathes; however, spandex does look great on the right guys. Spandex on its own is pretty tight and does a great job of emphasizing all the right parts of the lower male body, but when spandex is soaking wet; it looks even better as it shrinks to conform even more tightly around those intimate areas. A spandex bikini does this better than any other swimsuit on the market. These types of men’s bikinis also allow the wearer to enjoy a more thorough tan when lying out in the sun. For men who enjoy a tan skin tone, a bikini made of spandex is certainly a better choice than a pair of swim trunks.

The spandex bikini is also great for men who enjoy the feel of the water on their thighs. Swim shorts get wet too, but with the bikini there is less fabric around the thighs to interfere with the feel of the water. Without the soggy fabric of swim trunks around the thighs, it is also easier to move around and spread your legs. If you really want to know if spandex bikinis are right for you, ask yourself, “Do I like fun, sexy tans, and looking good for attractive men on the beach?” If you answer yes to these questions, then a spandex bikini is perfect for you!

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