Start with a Spandex Bikini


A lot of men are sketchy about going out to a public swimming spot wearing a small swim suit. The men’s spandex bikini comes under this heading and are, therefore, passed by many times. Men who are accustomed to covering more of their bodies rarely choose anything smaller than a brief swimsuit. They typically select something like cut offs, boxer styles, or board shorts. While these may seem a bit boring for the most part, they are what many men, particularly older men, find to be more comfortable. These guys do not understand that their bodies can be maintained to a decent enough level where they can wear smaller swim suits. A senior man can still have a decent body if he has been taking care of himself. A bit of a regular workout regimen and healthy eating should do the trick.

On the other hand, if you simply cannot bring yourself to wear a micro bikini or thong, you can always begin your journey on fitting in smaller swim suits with a spandex bikini. While the style is a bikini and is smaller than you may have been comfortable in the past, the spandex will make it mold to your current body. This will make you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all, which should give you a measure of comfort. If you feel as if you are nude, you will forget that you are wearing a bikini made of spandex. Instead, you will feel as if you are running free in the water and on the sand if you are at the beach.

When you start out wearing a spandex bikini, no matter what age you are, it will be so much easier to move onto even smaller swim suits. Obviously, it will be faster for some men than others, but the point is that you are at least trying. You are getting off to great start with the bikini, although you will want to take care of your body so that it is at least in decent shape when you appear at your favorite swimming spot wearing your bikini.


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