He Wore an Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie, Sexy, Tight Spandex Bikini!




Have you ever seen a good spandex bikini? I am not talking about a run-of-the-mill black and blue bikini like the swimmers wear. I mean a tight, bright, super sexy bikini created from spandex that is well-fitted and full of style. Not every man dresses his body as well as he could, especially at the beach. Do not let yourself show up in front of all of those hunky swimmers, looking like a dud. You can pick a bikini made of spandex that reflects your fun and vibrant personality, as well as one that perfectly accentuates that magnificent cock of yours. It will make you look like a real stud in front of all of your peers. For men who have too much modesty for micro swimsuits, but lack enough modesty to hide themselves behind a pair of swim shorts, a spandex bikini is the ideal fit!

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Just imagine going to the beach and, for the first time, you have worn a daring spandex bikini. You checked yourself in the mirror before you left home and felt fairly confident that your look was a good one. As soon as your feet hit the sand, you maybe second guess yourself a little. The doubt of your sexiness does not last long as you draw the attention of the muscular surfer dudes. You are receiving much more attention since you upgraded to this wonderful new swimsuit style.


A spandex bikini has the ability to make you look and feel confident, and confidence by itself can be a huge turn on for a lot of guys. Spandex bikinis can come in all sorts of different colors and patterns to match the type of mood you want to project to others. You could buy a rainbow collection of spandex bikinis so you have a new one for each mood you feel! A tiny, tight bikini that has been created from spandex can make you the life of the party!


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