Is it Time to Replace Your Spandex Bikini?


Two years ago, you tried on a spandex bikini at the mall and fell in love with the shape of it and the way it perfectly wrapped around your body. Today, the same bikini just does not hold the same appeal. When you look in the mirror, the fabric does not hug your body the way it used to. You have lost a pound or two in the past couple of years and the waistband drapes off of you.

There is nothing wrong with you or the spandex bikini. Spandex losing its elasticity is a perfectly normal process. Over time, the spandex becomes looser on its own. This process is expedited by continual wearing and washing of the fabric. Not only does the material loosen, but spandex has a way of locking in odor over time, after repeated exposure. If you sweat a great deal in your spandex bikini, then there is a high chance of trapping that odor within the material, even after repeated washings. Hand washing your spandex items can help them last longer.

When your old spandex bikini falls flat; don’t despair! Now is the time to buy another one. If you were a big fan of your old spandex bikini, then you can likely find a close replicant of the first. If you were getting a little tired of the color or patterns, then now is your chance to update! Get rid of that old spandex bikini and try on a new color or size! There are so many options out there, especially now that even designers are getting in on the action. Your old spandex bikini was also two years ago. Now, you can get a spandex bikini from one of the finest designers in the world. Modern fashion has been embracing swimwear and even spandex, so there is a much more unique and well-stitched selection out there today. The best feature to these are that they are not even that expensive!