Showing off my Spandex Bikini


If you are not wearing a new spandex bikini, then you are missing out on some of the best times of your life. Now I am not saying that wearing something like this will change your life overnight, but it will make you look at how you live your life a little bit differently. Nothing in my life really changed all that much until I started realizing that these spandex items were the best thing ever. That is when I started looking at how I was living my life and realized that I could be doing a lot better in certain areas.

So the first thing I did was to take my spandex bikini down to the local beach and show it off to everyone there. I am not one of those guys that really shows off his body all that much but I felt like the world needed to see this bikini on me. Once I was there, I found a lot of other people that were interested in wearing bikinis like this. The thing is that they were scared of what everyone else would say about them. That is until they saw me walking around with my bikini and they realized that there are some things in life that you just have to get out there and try no matter what other people might think or say.

Now I am not the center of attention or anything like that, but when I am wearing my spandex bikini I sure do feel like everyone is paying attention to me. Even if I do not act like I am the center of the universe, there are times when I see people looking at me and smiling like I am. It kind of makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when they do that. Although there are some people that I run into that do not like what I am wearing and have no issues with coming right up to my face to let me know. I can respect that as I think it’s better than having someone laughing and pointing at you behind your back. Besides, if someone is angry at what you are wearing, they are probably just jealous.



My Special Spandex Bikini


I have a special spandex bikini that I only wear on vacations. This particular style of bikini was found online a few years ago when I was looking for something special to take to the beach for a weekend getaway. I did not really think there would be anything overly special about it other than the type of design it was, though. I figured that I might get a few people staring at me or something and after that weekend vacation I would go home and that would be the end of it. But that is not what happened at all.

You see, this particular spandex bikini is one of the sexiest things I have ever worn in my entire life. Since I am a man that does not really do the sexy thing, you can believe me when I say that I feel sexy in this bikini. Every time I slip into it there is something that overcomes my mood and I just start smiling. It does not matter what is going on, either. No matter how mad the environment is around me, I am always smiling and happy because of the bikini that I am wearing. It is so strange that I can only wear it on vacation or people start thinking I am high on drugs.

The best thing about that spandex bikini is the fact that I found my partner while wearing it. Of course he does not think that I should be wearing it on vacation because of the way he found me to look in it. He thinks that I am trying to tease him or find someone else whenever I have it on, but that is not it at all. I just want to relive that happiness that I felt the first time I ever wore it. He has started to understand a little bit but I do not think he will ever fully grasp the effect that bikini has on me. Maybe I should buy him his own bikini and we could wear them together some time. That might just change his whole outlook on things.

My Wife’s Hatred of my Spandex Bikini


I love wearing my spandex bikini although my wife thinks that it is about time to give it up. So I have put on a few pounds over the years since I bought it; that does not mean I should stop wearing it. Maybe I should not insist on taking it with us on vacation, but I think I still look good in it. At least I look good enough to keep wearing it. She may want me to look like one of those underwear models in those rag magazines she likes to read, but that is never going to happen. I am comfortable with the person I am, and I want to wear my bikini as long as possible.


I guess I could be talked into buying a different spandex bikini if it would make her feel better. She keeps telling me that I need to find one a bit bigger than what I like to wear. Of course she always argues with me when I tell her that her feet constantly hurt because she is wearing her shoes a size too small. Go figure. She can tell me to wear a bigger sized bikini but I can say nothing about the size of her shoes.



Maybe I should look into getting a bigger men’s spandex bikini just to prove to her that I can still look sexy in it. If she sees how great I look in that bigger bikini, then she will drop the whole thing about me giving up and becoming an adult. Like a 50 year old man is not an adult these days just because he enjoys wearing a particularly sexy style of swimwear. I think she needs to grow up a bit and let me wear whatever I want to wear in public. Well, maybe not whatever I want as there are times when I would love to dress up as an astronaut and walk around. Maybe I should think about this growing up thing just a bit after all, but I do not see that giving up my favorite swimsuit has anything to do with that.

Removing Judgment of the Spandex Bikini


I have been given a new spandex bikini for my summer vacation and I can’t wait to show it to the world. My partner thinks that I will look super-hot walking down the beach in this bikini and I tend to agree. Of course I am not exactly sure why my partner didn’t get one for himself as well. But that is okay, I will be happy to show off my body in this sexy bikini while he smiles beside me. I am sure it has something to do with showing everyone what kind of sexy guy he can get his hands on and keep in his life.

I have been wearing spandex bikini designs for a few years now but none of them look anything like the design that I have just received. This thing is so sexy that if I wore it to our local beach I would probably end up getting arrested for indecent exposure or something. I am sure that I would at least upset quite a few people by wearing something of this nature around here. That is why I am glad that we are going to France for our vacation this year. There are beaches over there that guys can wear whatever they want to and no one cares.

People here are so prudish when it comes to spandex bikini designs that I really have to watch what I am wearing. I tried wearing something that wasn’t even half as sexy as this design and people threw fits about it. I ended up having to go home and change into something more conservative before people literally started throwing sand and shells at me. It is a sad state of affairs when a sexy guy like me can’t even walk down the beach in something sexy these days. However, this vacation will make up for it since we picked it just so I can wear my bikinis in peace. It will make both of us quite happy.

Nothing Compares to a Spandex Bikini


For those men who love both comfort and flattering accents when on the beach, nothing compares to the classic spandex bikini. This is especially true for those men who take a certain amount of pride in their body and have maintained a great physique. These guys love wearing bikinis to show off their bodies and they are particularly fond of spandex. Many reasons for this wide spread opinion exist making these bikinis quite popular on the market when it comes to swimsuits. It is a fact that men are finding new reasons to love these bikinis every day. That is most likely why they are purchasing more bikinis each year.

The thing that you need to understand about a spandex bikini is just how wonderful it feels to the man who wears it. Spandex is not only durable and easy to take care of, but it is also one of the most comfortable materials available these days for swimwear or any kind of athletic wear. This fabric tends to breathe with your skin, which goes a long way to insuring that your comfort is at the top of the scale. It is so lightweight that you might even forget that you are wearing it after a little while. You also do not have to worry about heading into the ocean and having a huge, unexpected wave drag down your bikini when it is made from spandex. The fit is just that good!


If you are still on the fence about whether to start wearing a spandex bikini, it is way past time to jump down on the side where you will be purchasing and taking them for a test run. Once you have made the choice to try this swimsuit for yourself, there will be nothing else for you. When it comes right down to it, you will see that there is nothing else that can compare to a bikini created from spandex. You will have found the perfect swimsuit for you and it will never be a question for you any longer.

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That Extra Special Spandex Bikini


Nearly all men who love swimwear almost always have a spandex bikini that they consider to be extra special. This bikini may not even be worn by the owners any longer but rather they have it wrapped carefully in tissue paper and stored in a very private and safe place. These bikinis hold memories that are so meaningful to these guys and that is why they may never wear them again but they cannot bear to get rid of them either. These memories may be something along the lines of being worn the first time they were noticed lustfully by a gorgeous being. Other memories may include their very special first time with the person that they fell in love with. For whatever reason, these are bikinis that mean something and will not be thrown away.

If you think about it, you will see that you also have an extra special spandex bikini in your life. You may not have worn it in years or even thought about it in forever until something happens that reminds you of the bikini. That is when you go to that private place and pull out the bikini so that you can relive the moment that this bikini brings back to you. It may be the time that you simply sit and hold it in your hands, feeling the spandex slide through your fingers as you think back to the special time that you were wearing it and what it all meant to you at the time.



There is certainly nothing wrong with holding onto mementos of those wonderful times in your life and this includes that special spandex bikini. Just because you are saving it does not mean that you have to tell anyone else about it, either. Everyone has secrets in their lives that they do not feel comfortable sharing with others. The memories attached to your bikini may be so personal that you will never tell anyone else about it and why you save it. Never feel bad about doing that. It is your life and you deserve to have your delightful secrets hidden away.

A Spandex Bikini Party


There is little else that is as much fun as a spandex bikini party no matter what time of year it is. These gatherings are of all sizes from very intimate to huge enough to fill a backyard. Men started having these parties when the spandex craze took hold of the male swimwear fashion world. They realized that there is nothing quite like bikinis made from spandex and they decided to cast their nets to find others of like mind. This proved to be quite a successful exercise and many other men came forward that also delighted in wearing bikinis made from spandex. When a lot of these men realized their number, they decided to try throwing a party in which only men wearing bikinis made from spandex could attend.

The first men’s spandex bikini party proved to be such a rousing success that they became more frequent and larger as they went along. Usually men with private swimming pools in their back yards were the likely ones to host these gatherings because what is the point of wearing bikinis if there is no place to go swimming. Not that it is necessary to swim at these parties. It is just nice to have the option. Besides, once men are frolicking about in the pool; anything can happen. Nothing is more fun than playing such games as water volleyball with all those young men with hot, wet bodies slipping off of each other.


No models today just my big round ass in a tiny Koala sheer swimsuit.


A spandex bikini party does not have to include swimming, though. In fact, the entire event can be held indoors if necessary or desired. All of the party guests wander about wearing their bikinis made from spandex, having a drink and enjoying snacks or a buffet. There may even be games and contests that will crown the winner as the man wearing the most unique and eye catching bikini. These parties might also have live music playing for dancing or just for the enjoyment of listening. The point is that it is all a lot of fun and more guys are picking up on this unique entertainment. You may want to give it a try sometime soon and start a local trend of your own.

Relaxing in a Spandex Bikini




I just tried on my first ever spandex bikini and I have to admit that I do really like it so far. I have not gone out in public with it or anything to see what kind of reactions I might get. I have worn it, however, around the house and I have responded to it very well. I think that people close to me will probably not get it at first, but they will learn to love it, I am sure. Strangers will probably not have much to say when they first see me and that is perfectly fine by me as I don’t want their opinion anyway. If they want to stare and point at me; that really does not have any effect on me. A true friend will remain that way no matter what you are wearing so I am not worrying over losing friends over this.

I never really thought that wearing a spandex bikini would make me happy, but it truly does. I find myself smiling as soon as I slip into it and all those things that would normally bother the hell out of me do not even faze me anymore. It is like the perfect prescription for stress and the world is a much better place in my eyes because of it. If I could just get everyone I know to wear something like this, I am sure it would help them as well. All they need to do is try it one time and they would be sold.


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I am definitely going to be buying more spandex bikini designs before the summer rolls in. I want to be able to wear a different design to the beach every time I go even though it will take a good bit of money since I live like a block away. But it is something that I think will help my overall look towards life and that is why I am going to do it. I cannot wait to see what other designs I will be wearing this summer and how people are going to react to them. Now I have to go online and find some more things to drool over but I am sure that I will not be stopping just there. I am quite positive that I will be ordering some of those drool worthy swimsuits.

Spandex Bikini Parties


I have a spandex bikini that I specifically use for adult pool parties that I get invited to attend. I know there are some guys reading this and thinking that I do not get to wear them all that often then, but the truth is I wear them almost every weekend. I just happen to have friends that throw a lot of these parties along with a body that looks really good in spandex. These friends that host the parties love putting me on display. I have many designs of swimwear that I like to take to the beach, but this one particular bikini is too naughty to be wearing around in public all the time.

In fact, the last time I wore this spandex bikini out to the beach I almost got arrested for indecent exposure. They did not realize that I was actually wearing a bikini since it is one of those nude colors that seem to be so popular these days. From a distance, it looks like I am wearing nothing at all so I can understand why some people might have gotten upset with what I was wearing. I just make sure that I do not wear it out in public anymore and I have not had any problems since.


Thankfully, I get to wear my spandex bikini to these parties, though, or I might never get to wear it. I have thought about just wearing it around the house but where is the fun in that? I want to be able to show it off and that is rather difficult to do when there is no one else around to see it. Just think of all the compliments that I would have to give up since I would feel strange giving myself compliments from a mirror. But the parties always give me the chance to really go all out and have as much fun as possible. That is one of the reasons that I love them so much.