How Do You Know if a Spandex Bikini is Right for You?

  What is so special about a spandex bikini? The best time of the year for many men who love to flex outdoors and show off their pecs is Summer time! A bikini made from spandex goes with Summer like margaritas and good music. Any male out there who loves to splash, play, and have […]

My Brother Sent Me a Spandex Bikini

  My brother bought me a spandex bikini the other day and sent it to me in the mail. At first I thought it was some kind of practical joke that he was trying to pull over on me since that is something we have down with each other since we were small. As it […]

Shopping for a Spandex Bikini

  When it comes time to buy a new spandex bikini, I tend to really throw myself into it with quite a lot of fervor. A lot of my friends simply do not understand my enthusiasm to get into the swing of shopping because they do not actually enjoy shopping in general. It amazes them […]

Selecting a New Spandex Bikini

  One of the favorite things that I do each year is to select a new spandex bikini. I know that a lot of guys do not really like to shop even if it is for a hot new swimsuit. So I am probably the odd one out when it comes to something like this. […]

My Spandex Bikini Relationship

  I have a special spandex bikini that I only wear on certain occasions. You see this is the first men’s bikini that I have ever purchased and the first time I wore it out in public I met my partner. In fact, that bikini is the reason that my partner even came up to […]

Blowing off Other People’s Opinions of the Spandex Bikini

  I love my spandex bikini although there are a lot of people in this world that don’t understand why I would choose to wear something like this. I think they just don’t like change all that much myself. If they were ever to try something of this nature, they would completely understand why guys […]

Getting an Honest Opinion on Spandex Bikini

  I have started seeing more guys wearing men’s spandex bikinis on the beach lately and it makes me wonder if this might be something that I could get into. I am not in the best of shape, but I don’t think I look all that bad. I know that I could use a good workout […]

The Standard Sexy Spandex Bikini

  If you are looking for something new to wear to the beach this summer; look no further than a sexy spandex bikini. These wonderful spandex designs will get you all the attention you could ever handle and will make you feel like a million bucks at the same time. You may not have worn […]

My Spandex Bikini and Positive Attention

  I have been wearing a new spandex bikini to the beach the last few days and I have to say that I think people like it. Everyone I see smiles at me and winks. I’m not quite sure if it is just the sun getting in their eyes or if they really do like […]

Spandex Bikini Excitement

  I just bought a men’s spandex bikini and can’t wait to try it on for the first time. I know that I will have to get used to wearing it around the house before going out to the beach in it, but it is still exciting to me. I am one of those guys that […]