The Standard Sexy Spandex Bikini

  If you are looking for something new to wear to the beach this summer; look no further than a sexy spandex bikini. These wonderful spandex designs will get you all the attention you could ever handle and will make you feel like a million bucks at the same time. You may not have worn […]

Falling in Love with a Spandex Bikini

  The latest men’s spandex bikini design that I have fallen in love with is completely different from what I have always been used to. I never really thought I would be able to wear something like this but, once you try bikinis on, you will want to wear them forever. I was actually tricked […]

Choosing the Right Spandex Bikini

  A good spandex bikini will fit your body like a glove and make you feel like you are completely naked at the same time. At least that is how I feel about my bikinis when I am wearing them. Spandex is normally a tight fitting material so fitting like a glove is a given. […]