The Joys of Wearing a Spandex Bikini

If you haven’t tried wearing a men’s spandex bikini yet; you really should. These things are absolutely amazing to wear and they feel like you are completely naked most of the time. Even when I am running down the beach, I have to look down from time to time to figure out why I can’t feel my cock slapping against my legs. I keep forgetting that I am wearing a bikini and it confuses me once in a while. But it doesn’t take me long to remember, especially since I am still allowed to run on the beach and I haven’t been arrested just yet.

The first spandex bikini I picked out was the same design as one that a friend of mine had at the time. I wasn’t trying to look like him or anything. Ok, maybe I was a little bit, but it was the only one I had seen in real life so I kind of knew how it would fit. He thought it was funny and told me to call him before we would go to the beach together so that he wouldn’t wear the same one. I guess he didn’t think looking like bikini twins was such a good idea or something.

My collection of spandex bikini items has grown significantly over the months since and now I don’t worry about calling him. I actually have more bikinis than he does now so I feel that he should call me to figure out what we are wearing to the beach. He doesn’t find it funny at all but I certainly do. Of course, we both get the same amount of attention while walking down the beach so it doesn’t really matter what we wear. I really wish I could have worn something like this when I was younger, but I guess it’s better to be late rather than never at all.


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A Test Run with a Spandex Bikini

A Test Run with a Spandex Bikini

Wearing a spandex bikini seems to be the next craze to hit the swimwear market. I have started noticing that more and more guys are starting to walk around wearing these items on the beach where before it was the Speedo that was making heads turn. I don’t mind seeing guys wearing different kinds of swimwear, but I do wish that more of them were wearing these spandex items. They look so comfortable that I can almost feel the material against my skin even though I have never worn anything like this.

I think I am going to have to start wearing a men’s spandex bikini myself just to see what it is like. I am sure that I will fall in love with it immediately if not sooner. I bet the spandex material is so comfortable I will soon forget that I am even wearing a swimsuit, which might be a bit embarrassing depending on where I am. I love walking around my house naked whenever I get the chance so wearing something like this would be a great change for me. If all else fails, I can always lay out in the backyard and get a great tan while wearing one.


Just thinking about the freedom I could have while wearing a spandex bikini makes me want to spend some of my hard earned money now. I guess I will just have to take a look online to see what might be available to me. If I can find one that isn’t overly priced and seems comfortable enough for me, then I probably will buy it. I am sure there are numerous sites on the Internet that will have something like this available. If there weren’t, then I probably wouldn’t be seeing so many guys walking around on the beach wearing them. I know those guys have to be buying their swimwear somewhere and an online site seems like the best possible place to look first.

Loving My Spandex Bikini


I love wearing my spandex bikini now that spring is in the air. The amount of attention that I have been getting over the last few weeks has been absolutely amazing to say the least. I just don’t understand why it took me so long before switching the swimwear styles that I had always been wearing to something sexy like these bikinis. I am pretty sure that if I had been wearing these bikinis sooner, I would be in a completely different place in my life right now. At least I think I would since I have seen my life change in remarkable ways since I have started wearing them.

The first time I tried on a spandex bikini, I thought people were going to be laughing at me. I just knew that everyone on the beach would be pointing their fingers and snickering under their breath about the way I looked. I almost decided not to even attempt to go out in public dressed like that. But I had to prove to myself that I didn’t care what other people thought about my bikini. I just wanted to show it off and. if people didn’t like it; then so be it.

As it turned out, though, everyone loved seeing my new men’s spandex bikini. I got all kinds of compliments about how sexy I looked in it and I knew instantly that I would be wearing these bikinis for as long as my body would allow me to wear them in a flattering way. I can’t tell you how liberating it is to be able to wear whatever you want to without fear of people making fun of you. I am sure that if everyone would have made fun of me, I probably wouldn’t have gone back to that beach again, but knowing that they enjoy seeing me in my bikini means I have been back every weekend since.

Making Friends with my Spandex Bikini


I was wearing my spandex bikini around the house the other day when I had a knock on my front door. I wasn’t exactly expecting any company, which is why I was wearing my bikini. I know that my friends and family don’t really understand why I would wear something like this so I do my best to keep it hidden from them. I figured that if they were going to come over at that time of day, then I was going to give them something to look at. I flung the door open with a big smile thinking to surprise them and found a complete stranger standing there.

It turns out that I was standing in my men’s spandex bikini looking at the new neighbor that had just moved in. He glanced down and smiled before introducing himself. I felt like a complete tool at that moment and started to apologize to him, but he shook his head. He laughed and told me that he had the same pair of spandex in a different color. I almost thought I was going crazy since no one around my home would ever be caught wearing a bikini like this one.

It turns out he was from France and they all wore things like spandex bikini swimwear when they were on the beach. He even asked if there were any beaches nearby that we could go to and show off our bikinis. I instantly knew that I was going to like this guy and we made plans to go out this weekend. I can’t wait to see what kind of bikinis he has purchased over the years and whether or not I can fit in them. I think he might just end up being my new best friend as long as he doesn’t try to upstage me while we are walking down the beach together.




Wearing a Spandex Bikini is Crazy Like a Fox


I saw a guy wearing a spandex bikini on the beach last summer and I couldn’t understand why. Now, I could understand a woman wearing a bikini like that and being sexy, but a man wearing one? I just couldn’t wrap my mind around why a guy would want to wear something that shows off that much of his body. It bothered me so much that I decided to start looking around online to see if other guys were wearing bikinis, too, or if it was just this one nut job trying to make people feel uncomfortable. As it turned out, there are quite a few nut jobs wearing bikinis made from spandex. So many of them that it got me interested to know why.

So I started looking for a spandex bikini that I could try out for myself. I figured there must be a reason why all these guys were crazy enough to wear something like this in the first place and I had to know what that reason was. I figured that if I didn’t feel that way about it, then no one would ever have to know that I purchased one and I could just go on with my life as normal. Too bad that didn’t happen.

The second I slipped my men’s spandex bikini on I knew that I would never wear any other design again. I was hooked the second my fingers left the waist band and it formed into place. That is when I realized that all those guys knew what they were doing and I was going to follow in their footsteps. I have been wearing my bikini ever since then and I keep trying to find places that I can wear it to and show it off. I know it’s funny, but I really can’t imagine myself wearing any other type of swimwear ever again.



Looking Hot in my Spandex Bikini


The goal of every man on the planet when he slips into his spandex bikini is to look as hot as he possibly can. There is no way around this because spandex was meant to create a hot, sexy, flattering look for men. This is particularly true when it comes to bikinis constructed from this amazing and versatile material. For the right men, nothing is more seductive than spandex in the form of a bikini. These are the men that treat their bodies as temples, which means that they exercise or work out as well as follow a healthy diet designed to keep them in the best possible shape. It is easy to see why they would wear their bikinis with pride in public.

On the other hand, there are those men who should probably think twice before donning a men’s spandex bikini and wearing it out in public. These are the men that weigh more than they are tall. These are also the men that tend to be so flabby that too much of their stomach hangs down and covers their swimsuits totally. Looking at them may cause people to think, at first, that these men are not wearing anything because their bikinis cannot be seen through the flab. There are few situations that are more embarrassing than all of the laughing and pointing directed at these guys when they try to be attractive.

That can all be avoided, though, if these men are willing to work on themselves before trying to wear a spandex bikini. Naturally, it will take plenty of willpower and effort. How much of each will depend upon just how out of shape the body is. The fatter and flabbier the body the more work that will be needed. If this applies to you, that means you will need to put down that beer and those pizza slices unless it is light beer and veggie pizza. The phrase “No pain no gain” takes on a special meaning here. In the end, though, only you can decide what is more important to you; lots of junk food and ass sitting or striking a hot pose on the beach in your bikini.


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Your Summer Wardrobe Featuring a Spandex Bikini


If you are a man that pays special attention to his seasonal wardrobe, you most likely have a spandex bikini thrown into the mix. In fact, there are many men that consider that particular bikini to be the special feature of their summer wardrobe. Granted, there will need to be many other garments as a part of this wardrobe or it will not make much of a wardrobe. However, the bikini is a very important member of these seasonal items. The biggest chore is to find the best items for your wardrobe as easily as possible. That might be your local shopping mall or your favorite online menswear website depending on how you typically like to do your shopping.

Finding your perfect spandex bikini for your summer wardrobe can be challenging, to say the least. That is why you want to make it as easy on yourself as possible.  So if you don’t mind fighting a lot of people at the mall, you should be fine to check out their mens swimsuits there. A swimwear shop for men might not actually be all that crowded, but there is a chance that it will not offer you as many choices as you would find on the Internet. On the other hand, you might prefer to kick back comfortably in your own home and shop at your leisure from menswear websites. You might also get a better deal, too.

At any rate, once you have the spandex bikini that will be the focal point of your summer wardrobe, you are ready to hit the beach as soon as you find one warm enough. If you are a diehard fan of showing off your new swimwear each summer, you will probably want to travel to a warm climate, if that is what it takes to get to wear it. However, even if have to wait a bit to hit the beach in that bikini, there’s no reason that you cannot go ahead and do some shopping in preparation for your big day.




Have Fun in Your Spandex Bikini


If you are new to wearing a spandex bikini, the first thing you will need to do is learn how to have fun while wearing it. Most guys think that wearing a bikini made from spandex would end up being enough to have fun with without even really trying. On the other hand, those same guys may find that wearing something like this for the first time is a bit awkward. The tightness of the material and the fact that it doesn’t leave much of anything to the imagination is enough to put a few men off at times. Thankfully, there are a number of different styles that you can choose from in order to work your way into something exciting.

If you have purchased your spandex bikini online, then there is a good chance you already have an idea of where you are going to wear it. Guys that are buying these bikinis from a store usually end up making the purchase as a spur of the moment decision. Having something in mind when you start looking for your new bikini is a great way of figuring out exactly what style of design you want to buy. It will also help you in realizing how they are going to fit before you get a chance to try them on.

Even if you are not planning on wearing your spandex bikini out in front of other people, you can still have fun with it. There are a lot of men out there that are wearing bikinis like this under their clothing as underwear. This gives them the chance to experiment a bit with what they enjoy while still being able to go out in public and not feel embarrassed. Once they are used to wearing their bikinis in this way, they will attempt to take the chance of wearing it to the beach in order to show off a little. Having broken them in, so to speak, they will be completely comfortable while others look upon them strolling along the shore.



Trying Out My Spandex Bikini


So I got this new spandex bikini the other day and I just couldn’t wait to try it out at the local beach. I have been searching for days trying to find one that I felt would be good enough for me and, once I did, I didn’t want to wait until I got home to wear it. I had to feel that sexy spandex against my skin and nothing was going to stop me. I just needed to find a place that I could comfortably slide into them without a bunch of people seeing me do it.

Now, you would think that finding a place to put your spandex bikini on would be a fairly simple thing. I guess if I wasn’t in such a hurry to wear them, it would have been. But for me, it was something that a good writer could have built an entire sitcom around. I have never been so embarrassed that many times in my entire life. On the other hand, at least the people that kept walking in on me had a good show; or I hope they did anyway. Needless to say, I did finally get my bikini on and was impressed with how it felt. Now all I need is a beach nearby so that I can show it off to the world.

If you are going to wear a spandex bikini I would say to wait until you have the time to really take it out for a test run. I know from experience how badly you are going to want to put it on as soon as you get it in your hands. However, having the patience to wait until you are alone and comfortable will be handy. I just wished that I was able to control myself that much instead of showing complete strangers what I am trying to get myself into all the time. I consider it to be a lesson learned.


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Spandex Bikini Fun.

The spandex bikini is now a mainstream style for men. Not long ago when you talked about wearing a spandex bikini you were most likely talking about women wearing them. The bikini as been the go to swimsuit for men in Europe for many years but here in the USA men are just starting to make the change and spandex bikini designs are coming on strong. If you visit any popular beach in Southern California or Florida you are bound to see many men wearing bikinis, thongs, the latest micro spandex shorts and even G-strings! So many men are into working out hard and getting their bodies into shape. Men are starting to realize that it is a shame to work so hard just to cover way too much of themselves with those huge oversized surf shorts. Smaller is better when it comes to the latest trends in men’s swimwear. The bikinis men are wearing are every bit as small and sexy as the ones the girls wear. This new blog will feature the latest trends in bikinis and other more extreme swimwear styles, model photos, regular guy photos (myself included), stories, adventures, the hottest beaches, the best pool parties and more. I hope you enjoy it! If so please share it with friends.


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