Wear a Spandex Bikini to Feel Like a New Man


Whenever I put on my spandex bikini, I feel like a completely different man. There is the man that goes to work all day long and deals with the frantic stress that his job forces on him and then, there is the bikini clad man that loves the sun and fun that he gets on the beach. Half the time, I don’t even remember what the rest of my life is like when I am wearing my bikini. It’s as if the entire world simply melts away within the comfort of the spandex that is wrapping around my body.

I would never have thought that wearing a spandex bikini would have made me feel this way. In fact, I would not have thought anything made from spandex could make me feel good about myself in any shape or form. There is a really good chance that I would not have even walked out of the house wearing something made from spandex because of the way it would have shown my body off to complete strangers. But now, it’s all I can really think of doing in order to bring peace and tranquility into my life.


Now, I wouldn’t wear anything except my men’s spandex bikini when I go out to the beach. I think it might be the only reason I even go to the beach anymore. I have thought about buying some different styles of swimwear in the past, but I just can’t seem to stay away from these bikinis. Every time I think I have found something interesting to wear, I stumble across another bikini that I simply can’t live without. I guess it must be fate that I look so good in something of this nature. If it isn’t fate, then I certainly think it should be since I haven’t been able to force myself into anything else that I might see out there in the world.