Wearing My Spandex Bikini for Relaxation


Nothing makes a day off better than wearing your men’s spandex bikini down on the beach. At least for me there is nothing better than doing that. I love the attention that I can get from wearing something like that out in public, but I find that the comfort is the thing that keeps me coming back for more. The fact that I can relax on the sand and get some great sun in while wearing something as comfortable as my bikinis makes all that hard work I go through every week worth it.


I have some friends that will come home after work and have a cold beer or two while sitting in front of the television in order to relax. That is fine for them, but I have to put on my spandex bikini and sit outside enjoying the fresh air. They all think I am strange for wearing things like this all the time, but if they would just try one design on for themselves they would understand. Then, we could all hang out together in our bikinis and cause quite a sight to see if you get my meaning.

For all those guys that have chosen to wear a spandex bikini in order to feel more at peace with their lives; I salute you. You have a deep understanding of what it means to be truly happy while everyone else is running around lost to this concept. Someday, there will be more guys like us in the world and, before you know it; everyone will be wearing these bikinis with a smile on their face. Although it will be rather difficult to see that smile since everyone will be looking a bit further down than their face, but you get the point. Guys will want to wear these bikinis more and more once they start becoming popular like they should be.