Looking for a Place to Wear my Spandex Bikini


I have a spandex men’s bikini that I love to wear but I don’t have anywhere to take it where I live. I don’t have a beach anywhere close by and the one time I did take it to the park, I was asked to leave. I don’t think the people where I live are too open minded about things like this. Although it hasn’t stopped me from continuing to wear my bikini. I just have to plan my day out and wear it in the backyard or in the house. It’s not as much fun as I know it could be, but at least I get to wear it.

I did get a chance to take my spandex bikini out to a beach when I went on vacation. That was probably one of the best days of my entire life, too. I was able to stroll down the beach without having to worry about anyone telling me that I needed to put clothes on or change into something different. I even got to meet a couple of other guys that were wearing bikinis on the beach which was amazing. We talked for an hour about the different styles of bikinis that were available.

While I may not get to enjoy every day on the beach with my spandex bikini, I do get to have some fun now and then while I’m wearing it. I do wish that I lived in a place that had a beach close by, but I can’t really afford to move. One of these days I will be out the door and never look back as I have my eyes set on the ocean. But until that day comes I will wear my bikini with pride even if I have to keep it hidden from the rest of the people around me.