Selecting a New Spandex Bikini


One of the favorite things that I do each year is to select a new spandex bikini. I know that a lot of guys do not really like to shop even if it is for a hot new swimsuit. So I am probably the odd one out when it comes to something like this. I don’t mind, though. It is just something that I love to do especially since I have been able to do my shopping online. It is actually a rather pleasant experience all the way around since I have made it sort of a personal ritual. I never would have thought that shopping for new swimwear would prove to be such an exciting time for me.

The first thing that I do when I begin my online shopping for a new spandex bikini is to pour myself something to drink, fix a snack and sit down on my sofa with my laptop. Then I start to browse all of the websites that specialize in mens apparel, particularly swimsuits. I take my time as I look at all of the various styles, colors and designs until I spot something that seems to be calling my name. Then I go through the process of figuring out my size and what color I want. This can, sometimes, take a little while to make the final decision as it is a very important part of everything. I want to be certain that I have chosen the proper swimsuit. Then I place my order. I must admit that there are times that I cannot settle on just one swimsuit. Those are the times when I buy two or three of them.


In the end, it does not really matter if I get one spandex bikini or not. To be honest, I find that the shopping experience is what I love the most. Naturally, I do enjoy the bikinis once they arrive, but the road that got them there is also quite entertaining. I cannot understand why there are so many men these days that find shopping tedious. It simply makes no sense to me that they would not have a great time while selecting their perfect bikinis. Of course, everyone is different and each man has his own way of looking at things. I am just happy that I am a man who loves the online shopping experience.