Shopping for a Spandex Bikini


When it comes time to buy a new spandex bikini, I tend to really throw myself into it with quite a lot of fervor. A lot of my friends simply do not understand my enthusiasm to get into the swing of shopping because they do not actually enjoy shopping in general. It amazes them to watch my excitement build when either sit down at my computer to shop online or go into a shopping mall. To me, I can use either of those avenues to shop for my bikini and that seems to be something of an enigma to them. It’s ok if they like to watch me shop, though. I generally invite anyone to go along with me because I love sharing my pleasure with them.


For example, I took a shopping trip last weekend to buy a new spandex bikini at one of my favorite malls. There is an excellent little mens specialty shop in this mall and it is one that I visit as often as possible. I am always happy to introduce this wonderful place to anyone who is interested in learning about it. The items this shop carries for men are those that can be difficult to find in mainstream stores. That is one of the reasons that I ended up taking four of my friends along with me on this particular shopping spree. I was shopping for several new bikinis and this is the shop to find exactly what I need. By the time I had purchased my bikinis, my friends had also picked out some for themselves. Now that was a decent shopping trip.

I also shop online quite a bit when I want to buy a new spandex bikini. These particular shopping ventures are easier to organize when some friends want to understand why I love shopping so much. All I have to do is issue an open invitation or any and all of my friends who want to know more about my shopping habits. They also seem rather interested in the types of swimsuits that I buy to wear to the beach. Sometimes, I tend to think of myself in the role of a mentor because a lot of my friends who have been a part of my shopping strategy are now doing their own shopping and collecting quite a few phone numbers because of it.