Are You Ready to Wear a Spandex Bikini?


When it comes to wearing a spandex bikini, men need to ask themselves if they are ready to appear in public donned in one of these. You should never ever just assume that you are going to look great in any type of bikini before you hit the beach wearing one. Granted, spandex is a fabric that can help conceal quite a few flaws but it totally depends on what sort of flaws your body might have. Sadly, there are men who feel that they are ready to appear in public wearing a bikini of any type when they have not done a single thing to make their bodies look at least decent.

It is a valid question to ask of men who want to wear a spandex bikini why they simply refuse to do some work on their bodies before heading out to the public beach or a resort swimming pool. Surely, these men are not all slow witted enough to believe that people actually want to see a body that is so out of shape that there is flab bouncing all over the place. At least do a few sit-ups and cut out sweets from your diet for a little while before you put on a swimsuit of any kind. On the other hand, if you do not wish to take care of your body; there are always other types of swimsuits such as boxers that might help you at least be presentable.

The best way to tell if you are ready to wear a spandex bikini in public is to stand in front of a full length mirror wearing only underwear or nothing at all. If you can stand to look at what you see, but you are not quite sure; it is time to bring in a friend who you know will be brutally honest with you about how you will look in a bikini of any kind. If that person finds things that need to be fixed before you go anywhere showing off your body, it is time to take some affirmative action. Then you will be ready to wear any type of bikini.