Bikinis and Briefs OH My!

Spandex Bikini

Every time I am wearing my spandex bikini, I end up getting hit on by almost every guy I walk past. I would say every guy, but I know that not every guy on the beach is gay, so I have to leave some of them out. These bikinis are absolutely amazing to say the least and I love shopping for them almost as much as I love wearing them. The way they make me feel while I am walking down the beach is amazing and I can proudly say that I turn every single head that looks in my direction. The only issue I might have is making sure that the design that I am wearing isn’t going to get me into trouble.

There are some very prudish people in this world still and they might not like the fact that I am wearing a spandex bikini out on the beach. Now, I personally could not care less what people think about me or what I am wearing, but I don’t speak for everyone. I know there are guys that wou7ld love to wear something to their local beach but are afraid of what people may think about them when they do. For those guys I would suggest taking some time to get to know the rules of the beaches in your area. As long as you are following those rules no one can say anything about what you are wearing.

I feel if women are allowed to wear Brazilian thongs on the beach than I should be allowed to wear my sexy spandex bikini. All I want to do is enjoy the sun and sand and possibly get a couple of phone numbers if I am lucky. Who would want to rain on that kind of parade and purposefully go after someone just because they are wearing something different? But that is the world that we are living in these days and no matter how much I want it to change, it won’t happen until everyone gets involved in changing it.

Micro bikini with scrunch butt. Very cheeky.

Swimwear Briefs

I am wearing the newest pair of swimwear briefs that I purchased last week, and I love them. They fit perfectly in every manner that they should fit and make me look sexy as hell. I wasn’t too sure if this was the design that I really wanted to go with or not, but after slipping them on I am completely amazed with them. I have never worn anything that made me feel as comfortable as these briefs have made me feel. The fact that they are of the highest quality means that I won’t have buy new designs every couple of months too. That is something that I find immensely important about swimwear and most everything else in my life.

Even if you aren’t the type of guy that would get involved in wearing the more erotic versions of swimwear briefs, you should take a look at the more common designs. You will probably be surprised to see that these types of swimwear can be worn by just about anyone that is willing to give them a chance. You don’t even have to worry about what people are going to say about your own swimwear especially if you are not wearing them around everyone else.

You will find that others that are wearing their swimwear briefs don’t pay much attention to the people around them since everyone has something in their life that can be used against them in one way or another. Most of the men wearing these types of swimwear are just like everyone else anyway so you would fit in perfectly no matter what you were wearing. In fact, this is more like a brother hood than anything else and it’s always good to feel like you are part of a bigger family, which is what you get when you are with guys wearing the hottest swimwear the world has ever seen. Just don’t be too surprised at how you end up seeing when you start wearing them out in public.