Deciding on the Best Spandex Bikini

  If you are thinking about wearing a spandex bikini but have no idea what type of design you should pick out; you should know that you aren’t the only one. I have been searching through website after website in the hopes that something will jump out at me, but nothing has. Don’t get me […]

Wearing My Spandex Bikini for Relaxation

  Nothing makes a day off better than wearing your men’s spandex bikini down on the beach. At least for me there is nothing better than doing that. I love the attention that I can get from wearing something like that out in public, but I find that the comfort is the thing that keeps […]

Launching My New Spandex Bikini

  I have noticed a man on the beach that I frequent wearing a spandex bikini that I have never seen advertised or worn anywhere. I have seen him walking around quite a bit lately in it and it seems like people are really enjoying his swimwear choice. Everyone that notices him is smiling and […]

Time to Change the Spandex Bikini Design

  Taking my spandex bikini out to the beach has been a favorite past time of mine of the last couple of years, but I am getting bored with it now. People just don’t seem to care that I am wearing something made from spandex although when I first started wearing them, people were constantly […]

Wear a Spandex Bikini to Feel Like a New Man

  Whenever I put on my spandex bikini, I feel like a completely different man. There is the man that goes to work all day long and deals with the frantic stress that his job forces on him and then, there is the bikini clad man that loves the sun and fun that he gets […]

Helping My Girlfriend Adjust to my Spandex Bikini

  I love my new spandex bikini that I bought, but my girlfriend thinks I have lost my mind. She doesn’t understand that I want to look sexy when I go out on the beach with her. She is always wearing thongs and things of that nature and people are always watching her walk by. […]