My Wife’s Hatred of my Spandex Bikini


I love wearing my spandex bikini although my wife thinks that it is about time to give it up. So I have put on a few pounds over the years since I bought it; that does not mean I should stop wearing it. Maybe I should not insist on taking it with us on vacation, but I think I still look good in it. At least I look good enough to keep wearing it. She may want me to look like one of those underwear models in those rag magazines she likes to read, but that is never going to happen. I am comfortable with the person I am, and I want to wear my bikini as long as possible.


I guess I could be talked into buying a different spandex bikini if it would make her feel better. She keeps telling me that I need to find one a bit bigger than what I like to wear. Of course she always argues with me when I tell her that her feet constantly hurt because she is wearing her shoes a size too small. Go figure. She can tell me to wear a bigger sized bikini but I can say nothing about the size of her shoes.



Maybe I should look into getting a bigger men’s spandex bikini just to prove to her that I can still look sexy in it. If she sees how great I look in that bigger bikini, then she will drop the whole thing about me giving up and becoming an adult. Like a 50 year old man is not an adult these days just because he enjoys wearing a particularly sexy style of swimwear. I think she needs to grow up a bit and let me wear whatever I want to wear in public. Well, maybe not whatever I want as there are times when I would love to dress up as an astronaut and walk around. Maybe I should think about this growing up thing just a bit after all, but I do not see that giving up my favorite swimsuit has anything to do with that.