Removing Judgment of the Spandex Bikini


I have been given a new spandex bikini for my summer vacation and I can’t wait to show it to the world. My partner thinks that I will look super-hot walking down the beach in this bikini and I tend to agree. Of course I am not exactly sure why my partner didn’t get one for himself as well. But that is okay, I will be happy to show off my body in this sexy bikini while he smiles beside me. I am sure it has something to do with showing everyone what kind of sexy guy he can get his hands on and keep in his life.

I have been wearing spandex bikini designs for a few years now but none of them look anything like the design that I have just received. This thing is so sexy that if I wore it to our local beach I would probably end up getting arrested for indecent exposure or something. I am sure that I would at least upset quite a few people by wearing something of this nature around here. That is why I am glad that we are going to France for our vacation this year. There are beaches over there that guys can wear whatever they want to and no one cares.

People here are so prudish when it comes to spandex bikini designs that I really have to watch what I am wearing. I tried wearing something that wasn’t even half as sexy as this design and people threw fits about it. I ended up having to go home and change into something more conservative before people literally started throwing sand and shells at me. It is a sad state of affairs when a sexy guy like me can’t even walk down the beach in something sexy these days. However, this vacation will make up for it since we picked it just so I can wear my bikinis in peace. It will make both of us quite happy.