Buying Myself a New Spandex Bikini


I have a great spandex bikini that I like to wear and I think I am going to start buying a few more of them. I started out with the one I have simply because I didn’t know if I was going to like wearing it or not after a while. I knew I would enjoy it but I figured the novelty would eventually wear off some and I wouldn’t be into it anymore. Of course that is the exact opposite of what happened. I actually started enjoying it even more and was constantly looking for occasions to wear my bikini around for everyone to see.

I am sure that having people on the beach complimenting me on my spandex bikini didn’t hurt these feelings much either. It seems like every time I walk out onto the beach there are people that are genuinely happy to see me walking around. They love seeing my bikini and are more than eager to talk to me about why I chose this particular design. The only problem is that I am getting tired of constantly telling the same story so I think I will have to start looking around for something else to wear.


You can be assured that I will stick with the spandex bikini designs when I do start looking though. I am not willing to give up my comfort for anything new just yet. I gave this bikini a try because I was bored with wearing the same old designs when I went to the beach but I am not tired of the bikini style just yet. I will probably be wearing these designs for a long time to come and I am perfectly happy with that. Too bad more guys weren’t able to get out there and show the world what their bikinis looked like or at least have the courage to do that wherever they can.