The Sexiest Spandex Bikini in the World


I have one of the sexiest spandex bikini designs ever created and I love wearing it around the house. I would wear it out to the beach but every time I slip into it I end up getting an erection and that tiny little bikini just can’t contain it very well. There is an erotic feature to wearing this design that I can’t seem to refuse and it always turns me on. I really enjoy showing it off to guys that I bring home from the clubs on the weekends too. They seem to like seeing me in it as well and it is always a huge hit.

I have other spandex bikini designs that I enjoy wearing for fun but none of them turn me on like this one does. It only takes me a few minutes of wearing it before I am ready to get down and dirty for the night which can be a problem when I am alone. Of course it doesn’t stop me from having that fun I so desperately seek but it is always much better when there is someone there that is looking for the same kind of fun. If you aren’t sure what I am talking about then find a sexy bikini and try it on for yourself you will understand soon enough.



I started out wearing a spandex bikini that was pretty normal as far as bikinis are concerned. I wasn’t really looking for anything overly sexy and just needed something to wear to the beach for the day. After I tried my first bikini I fell in love with them and started trying out all kinds of different designs to see what they would be like. When I came across this one I knew that it would end up being my all-time favorite. Now if I could just figure out a way to make myself to stop wanting to wear the damn thing every single second of the day I might be able to function like a normal adult. But there really isn’t all that much fun in living like that so I will keep thinking about how great it feels to wear throughout the day until I can get home and actually put it on.