My Brother Sent Me a Spandex Bikini


My brother bought me a spandex bikini the other day and sent it to me in the mail. At first I thought it was some kind of practical joke that he was trying to pull over on me since that is something we have down with each other since we were small. As it turns out though he tried one on while on vacation and swears that this is the last swimsuit I will ever want to wear. I still think that there is something else going on in the back of my mind though. Like I am going to try it on and someone will jump out with a camera and start snapping pictures to send back to him.

I repeated to him numerous times that I was not going to try on a spandex bikini because I knew there was something wrong with all of this. That is when he sent me a picture of himself wearing one out on the beach. Now I didn’t really want to see my brother wearing a bikini on the beach but I will admit that he didn’t look all that bad in it. The people around him seemed to like the way he looked as well and that got me rather curious about trying it on.

I called him up to make sure that the spandex bikini he had sent me was new and not the one that he was wearing on vacation, which he said it was new, and after clarification I tried the thing on. I am not the type of guy that will just throw strange clothes on and enjoy them but I did rather like the feel of the spandex against my skin. The bikini cut was a little difficult for me to get used to but I am sure after some time I will eventually. I may not be going out to the beach in this bikini any time soon but I can see why my brother would enjoy wearing something like this. Maybe one of these days I will plan a vacation with my brother so that we can both wear our bikinis out in public and see what that experience might be like.